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What I do :)

I do a lot of different things, but these are my three main areas:

Graphic Design

I do corporate & packaging design, UI & Webdesign and all kinds of layout for print and digital media.


Wheter if it's on film or digital - a concert, a wedding, portraits or landscapes. Photography is my passion.


Still a lot to learn in that area, but what I learned so far and still do is HTML&CSS, JavaScript, Kotlin and C#.


A small selection of works I did:

Min lilla Bukett! Portfolio Picture
Min lilla Bukett!
browser game
Thought Form Portfolio Picture
Thought Form
experimental media, glitch art
Michael Csamay Portfolio Picture
CD Michael Csamay
graphic design
Mondernte Portfolio Picture
Mondernte Promo Pictures
analogue photography
WasteNot Wizard! Portfolio Picture
WasteNot Wizard!
mobile application
Happy Meal Portfolio Picture
Lucid Dreams: Happy Meal
experimental media, mixed media

A little bit about myself :)

misabeee // miriam saskia beer

picture of miriam saskia beer

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio!
My name is Miriam Saskia Beer, I'm 26 years old and I'm currently in the fourth semester of the bachelor's programme "Creative Computing" at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences in Lower Austria. Before that I worked as a visual merchandiser at IKEA and as a graphic designer in an advertising agency. In my free time, I love taking pictures - mostly on film, but also digital. My passion is shooting concerts, but I also do everything else! I'm a very curious person and I love to try out new things, so don't be shy if you have any project in mind, we might figure it out together :)

Say hello :)

Do you have any questions, want to work with me or just want to say hello? Feel free to write me, can't wait to hear from you :)

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